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1500 N I35   Bellmead, TX 76705

(254) 870-1371

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(254) 870-1371

1500 N I35
Bellmead, TX 76705

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Location Hours

  • Mon-Sat: 9 am - 12 pm
  • Sun: Closed
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For starters, the address given for this was WRONG! It sent me to a nonexistent address on the interstate. The actual location was not near there!!! After calling someone and doing research online, I found Lilbitty. This location is a car repair shop and was closed on our day of pickup. We were supposed to do an online pickup. My issue isn't with this location but with Uhaul overall. The online checkin process had so many issues I can't even go into them all. Every time I hit a wall where I couldn't figure out what to do next, I was directed to call customer service—where I waited for at least half an hour. The person would help get me past one issue, but didn't walk me through to the end. I'd run into another issue and then have to wait on hold again for at least half an hour. I got to the end and finally was told online to take my phone inside and “skip the line” at the counter to get key. BUT THE LOCATION WAS CLOSED!!!! I needed a code for a lockbox, and I had no way to get one at this point. All along, I'd been calling someone at the other local location. She kept telling me I had to call to get what I needed. Finally, at the end when I should have had a code but didn't, she had to close up her shop to come over and help me!! She admitted the system had issues. It took me over two hours to finally get the key for my truck. And if she hadn't come over to help, I still would be sitting in that parking lot, on hold with customer service. This was a terrible experience and I'm so frustrated. I've told everyone I know how awful UHaul is!!!!

amber H. 
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