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Testimonials from recent customers of McGuires Auto Sales

Overall rating:
sandy L.

The place was disgusting! It looked like a junk yard. The guy was using the restroom when we arrived and his daughter told us their internet was down and her Dad was in the restroom. Then she went back and opened the restroom door and proceeded to stand there and have a conversation with her Dad WHILE HE WAS USING THE RESTROOM. It was so inappropriate and so disgusting, not to mention the smell filled the whole disgusting room. I felt like I needed to be scrubbed with bleach when we left. We went outside to wait. There was a cow pasture across the road that smelled better than being inside their building. The guy finally came outside and used his phone to contact someone else to process the transaction since his internet was down. He was very polite, completed the transaction, and hooked up the trailer. However, he said we would get an email with the drop off location, which we never did. I had to look up the reservation number online to find the address for the drop off location. The whole situation was just gross. We will not go back there to rent from U-Haul again.

Michael P.

Parking was a little tight, but overall a great place with friendly people !!

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