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I did not receive the dolly that I was charged for.

Karen P.

Well it's a miniEvan not a U-Haul place that's across the street from it! He had to call someone cause the portal for U-Haul wasn't working

Thomas V.

Customer did not leave a comment.

Leonard H.

The whole sales pitch for reserving / checking in on line is to expeditenyour wait at the store...but its useless if you fill out the forms / take pics on line then STILL have to wait 45 minutes at the store, only to find out that the extra equipment you needed / PAID FOR is nowhere to be found. The appliance dolly was nearly as important as the truck! The fact that I didn't get one even though I ordered and PAID for it, was very disappointing. My move took an extra hour simply trying to move a soda machine that would be been simple WITH the equipment I ordered. Very disappointed in how the rental went.

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