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Sherry W.

I am very dissatisfied with this U-haul reservation. First off, the truck I ordered was not available and the 50.00 guarantee was not given. However, I was given a larger truck because there was no other available. Secondly, I was not given the inspection to see what the mileage was when I received the truck and did not think to check it upon entering it. Thirdly, I was overcharged for mileage. I only traveled 51.9 miles, from Tuscumbia AL to Muscle Shoals, AL, then to Cherokee, AL and straight back to the Tuscumbia location. The odometer showed I traveled 115 miles which was definitely incorrect. The manager was very rude, hung up the phone while I was talking, and then called back and asked if he could talk. I was only trying to explain the route we took and the mileage from point A back to point A. He stated he would have the location representative check the vehicle to see if the odometer was calculating incorrectly and then give me a call back. I never received a return call. I have never tried to beat anyone out of anything, and if I had driven 115 miles I would not have complained about the mileage amount, but I know exactly what I traveled, and the truck was returned before the time due. There is no way I could have driven 115 miles from Muscle Shoals to Cherokee and then back to Tuscumbia. We returned the vehicle on a full tank and it only cost 12.50 at 1.97 a gallon.

Brittany S.

Meet expectations of what the rules are on your website. My u-haul was not ready when I got there nor was anyone. I waited an hour to get my u-haul and I wasn't helped..only shown where it was parked. I'm a 24 year old, young and petiete who knows nothing about cars. My debit card was also "left behind" after I was almost double charged. Luckily my boyfriend was with me or else I would of gone 9 hours without any way to pay for anything. So disappointing. I was in a rush and this was NOT ideal and did not meet the customer policy. I am a regular customer who rents through u-haul and my experience has made me not want to come back.

Samuel H.

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