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434 2nd St   Morven, GA 31638

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434 2nd St
Morven, GA 31638

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Mon-Thur: 24 hours
  • Fri-Sun: Closed
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Horrible service didn't have the u haul I reserved I didn't get a call to tell me otherwise I had to call them because the owner wasn't in place thirty mins before pickup and was told they had no u haul for me. They then told me I had to drive 45 mins to pick up a vehicle and would not reimburse for the gas it cost me to pick up the u haul and drive it back 45 minutes to load. I spoke with a rude supervise name Rodney that told me I was a liar and that I didn't deserve much more than they offered me. I was also told I could have waited for a u haul of the size I ordered whenever that was with no regard to my hotel reservations or the fact that I had to move my daughter in for college. U haul is a horrible company that cares nothing about their customers, it's all about the money. I was also told that “ you didn't have to accept the bigger truck” like how else was I to get my child to school I had to accept whatever they had because the school gives you a strict date and time to move in the u haul company didn't care. If your able to use another company please do.

Brandy B. 
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