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Testimonials from recent customers of Putting Things Together Auto Sales

Overall rating:

Amy F. on


The Pick up location was literally a shack in the ghetto. Broken down cars surrounded by a sea of garbage and cars parts surrounded me as I tried to locate the U-Haul representative. After waiting for 15 minutes and fearing for my life he finally showed up and looked put out by having to deal with me. As we completed the transaction in the shack that was filled with trash, car batteries, and empty and oozing oil containers I tried not to show my disgust. The Truck was in excellent condition and very clean.

Amanda S. on


This is not a functional place of business. I was supposed to receive my uhaul at one location at 3:30 but when I got there they told me to go to this location. I got there and it was a shack with broke down cars. One gentleman was sitting outside and called the owner for me. The owner didn't arrive until 1 hour later. By the time I received my uhaul it was close to 5:00 and I wasn't given the dolly I rented. Very unhappy.

Gary R. on


Nobody there to check me in. Went back a few days later to make sure all was good and same thing happened.