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Christopher M.

When I originally placed my order, it was with a dolly due the amount of pieces I needed to move, I was told there wasn't one available so I had to purchase one for $70 from Home Depot. When I returned the truck early I was informed that I would be getting money back when I was charged more. I also left my garage opener in the truck and when I went to pick it up, the agent who had it said “that will be $30” I was appalled and beyond disappointed in the customer service. I will not use uhaul again since I know as an active duty service member, I will receive more professional customer service and a military discount with Penske.

Timothy J.

The gentleman that helped us was so nice

Eric L.

I was charged $70.00 for renting a 10” truck less than a day. I received emails to “return the truck” and my daughter received MULTIPLE calls while at her work. The charge was supposed to be “$19.95” plus $14.00 for the insurance. We also filled it up with gas before returning. I will be disputing the charges with my bank as we had to go rent another truck from another company to finish moving. I will never use any of U Haul's services ever again.

David C.

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