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Joshua B. on


This entire process was ridiculous. This wasn’t even the original location I placed my reservation to and was forced to come to this location because of “availability.” Which during the reservation process, the location I reserved to allowed me to fully complete the process without telling me they didn’t have 24/7 truck share NOR the size U-Haul I desired. On top of driving all the way from WEST Pembroke Pines to Fort Lauderdale for a reservation U-Haul screwed up and then switched, They still gave my husband a hard time even getting the rental when we were already on a TIGHT time limit, thus completely threw our entire move plan off. They did accredit me for the trouble but I would not have had to be credited if everything was on point the way it should have been in the first place. I don’t care for this location nor the one I booked for and won’t be working with U-Haul AGAIN.