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Jeff B. on


Self service was difficult and it took hours to actually talk to someone for help

Nohemi R. on


I was very unhappy as i had ordered furniture pad and a dolly and those were not provided to me, which delayed everything as i now had to go to the store and buy pads and call friends to find out who had a dolly, this made me lose my time, that is why i returned the truck later, i will not use U-haul again.



This business was closed

David S. on


The people I had to contact to make this happen (rent/pickup/extend-rental/dropoff) we all very professional & personable. A great crew! The 'U-Haul GO' or whatever it's called (unmanned location, use ur smartphone...), is LOUSY and that's being kind! Took the better part of an hour, burning my phone airtime & moving time to battle my way through it on pickup AND dropoff. Had to call a (nice) human and work through it. GRRRR! Yes, security for UHaul is important but OMG that was ridiculous!!!

Brooke J. on


This self-serve program using a mobile App was a total fiasco start to finish. It wasted hours of time and added cost to my move. I would never recommend using the self serve option. Uhaul needs tp get the App fixed and make sure the pickup location is reliable because the one I was at was not even adequate.

Sherrie T. on


Gas price was outrageously expensive for less than 50 miles. Otgerwise, good concept

Janis K. on


We were very pleased with the experience

Marcine B. on


No one was there. We locked the truck and dropped the keys in the drop box.

Dirk D. on


Everything was great! Our agent went above and beyond to make our experience smooth and easy. Thank you Lance!

Will P. on


The online check out app is horrible. The color test instructions is very unclear and once it is failed you are stuck waiting for the next day to rent. Poor poor design

Nick L. on


Customer did not leave a comment.