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Joshua Q. on


Horrible experience at this drop off location. U-Haul Representative, Karen, was rude and demanding from the initial start of customer interaction to the very end. As I began to park the vehicle, she began yelling orders for me to park somewhere else. When I asked where, she pointed to a location that was blocked by a tree stump. I told her it was not possible for me to park there and she began to get frustrated with me as though I was at fault for a tree stump being there. Then, after I had dropped off my keys in the drop box as instructed by the U-Haul mobile app, this individual very rudely called me on my cell stating that I did the wrong return procedure and that she was going to charge me extra costs and then proceeded to hang up on me. I contacted Corporate, where they at least took good care of the situation.

Lisbel R. on


Great Experience!

Richard W. on


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