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Joe A. on


Extremely unorganized

james O. on


Customer did not leave a comment.

Robert G. on


did express check in. still had to wait 45 minutes listening to clerk talk in different language. asked if i wanted insurance said NO and he put it on and couldn't leave unil I had to call customer service. Truck was not road ready. Still had a huge slab of snow and ice on windshield that i had to remove. Return took 30 minutes again listening to clerk talk on phone because he did know what he was doing.

Rebekah P. on


train employees how to rent out equipment and how to process returns still have not been charged for the rental i returned 2/13/18

DJohn W. on


This may have been the worst experience of rental operation I've ever dealt with. The person behind the counter was talking on the phone, trying to deal with another customer, sell gasoline, drinks and run a filling station. Finally after 20 min. he stepped out of the door 10', I pointed out my truck his trailer, he said take it, no papers or help.

Silas P. on


Horrible customer service, had no idea what they were doing and how to return the equipment. Took one hour to return the truck. Unacceptable!

jacqueline S. on


internet reservation was made in the morning . When picking up the rental the cassier didn't know that there was a truck rented to us. Even when we showed the conformation email. many phonecalls later from the cassier to th e owner and some, the phone got handed over to me and we had to went to the whole rental procedure again.And pay in advange while all was done over internet already with CC. After bringing back the rental a different person was there and then we had some discussion about the used millage. Because i had made pictures before and after we could prove the right driven millage. Still waiting on the money of to much paid miles to get back.