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Moving to Kansas City? Rent a One-Way Moving Truck to Get Here!

U-Haul has named Kansas City the #9 Top Destination City in our 2014 Migration Trends Report
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Kansas City, popularly known and referenced by its initials K.C., truly has something unique to offer everyone. Kansas City has more than 200 fountains (second in the world behind Rome) and more boulevards than any other city in North America. K.C. has mild to hot summers with cold winters, however rarely sees sub-zero temperatures. U-Haul company has more than 20 truck rental locations in Kansas City; we have made it easy to find a truck rental drop off location near your future neighborhood! We have ranked Kansas City as the #10 Top U.S. Destination City in 2013.

Helpful Tips for Moving and Living in Kansas City, Missouri

If you are planning on moving into Kansas City, we have compiled a list of some good tips that may help you make a successful move into the city.

  • Get the Energy Efficiency Rebate – Kansas City has developed a program to reduce costs for homeowners on energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient.  This program also helps reduce the overall use of fossil fuels.
  • Become a crime-stopper – Kansas City has developed a hotline for the community to anonymously call to report crimes. And they pay you for reporting them! It is a well-thought out initiative for the city to help stop crime while helping the community. 
  • Go sightseeing – K.C. has a lot of history behind it dating back to the 1800s. The Liberty Memorial was built in 1926 in remembrance of the soldiers who died in World War I. It was also declared a National Historic Landmark in 2006, one of only two National Historic Landmarks within the city limits.


Did you know that U-Haul is a partner with The Conservation Fund's Go Zero program? Customers have the option to contribute at the time of their rental and U-Haul forwards 100% of those contributions to Go Zero. Supported in part by by U-Haul customer donations, The Conservation Fund has restored more than 775 acres of native oak and hickory trees at the Marais des Cygnes National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) located 70 miles south of Kansas City along the border of Kansas and Missouri.

Whether renting equipment or just browsing our web pages, if you are passionate about tree planting, restoring our nation's parks and building green economies, click here to donate to The Conservation Fund's Go Zero program.


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