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10611 Canyon Rd E   Puyallup, WA 98373

(253) 446-5614

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  • Mon-Sun: 9 am - 5 pm

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(253) 446-5614

10611 Canyon Rd E
Puyallup, WA 98373

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Mon-Sun: 9 am - 5 pm
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U-Haul has the largest selection of in-town and one-way trucks and trailers available in your area. U-Haul offers an easy moving process when you rent a truck or trailer, which include: cargo and enclosed trailers, utility trailers, car trailers and motorcycle trailers. Combine your moving efforts by renting a truck and a trailer from U-Haul today.

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I was about 25 minutes early to pick up and was waiting (didn't want to rush them ). The Owner came out and was amazing. After I explained why I was there, he helped me finish registration, pre warmed the truck for me and in general made this an easy experience for me. He owns the Auto shop next door as well. so people need to understand that if he's under a car it takes a minute to get out funderneath! one! I definitely would recommend renting a uhaul from this location. I had a very pleasant experience and wanted to thank them for making my stressful move much easier!


The uhaul shop/store was ok, the employee was cool tho.

Mitchell P. 

This location was horrible. The rental office was a dark, unmanned, room in the back of the building. Very scary to go into. Finally, a lady that was running the store in the front was able to help me, since nobody was in the U-Haul office. I was trying to hook the equipment up myself but because there was nobody to help had to call my husband to come do it for me. A man came by at the very end right before my husband got there and had kids in the car and asked me if I had checked out online already. I didn't know what that meant and I just told him I made my reservations online and he said then you're good to go and left. Since then, I had several phone calls trying to find out where the equipment was and if it was checked out because apparently he did not do his job. Also I tried to call the office all day the day of pick up to get it checked out early and no one would ever answer. Very poor customer service and very poor location, would absolutely never recommend this place

Shelly B. 

Drop off was terrible. Waited for 50 minutes knocking on a door. Guy was in a different building. Then didn't know how to check out. Said uhaul is "whack" and didn't get paid enough. He had me use his phone and complete the check in. Absolutely terrible. Will not use uhaul again. He didn't even look at the truck

Matthew R. 

More lighting for nighttime drop off.

Gale J. 
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