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Auto transport

Auto Transport Rental

Auto Transport trailers are car trailers that are ideal for long-distance moves. Our auto transport trailers are equipped with an easy-access loading ramp, security chains and ratchet-operated tire straps.

How to Drive a Moving Truck with an Auto Transpot

Driving a moving truck of any size is actually a really simple task. Even when you add an extra 20 feet of trailer onto the back of it, for a possible total of up to 46 feet, making a move across distances long and short can be done by anyone over the age of 18 with a drivers license. Millions of people with little to no experience do it every single year!

Trailers and towing

U-Haul trailers are aerodynamic, lightweight and low profile for better gas mileage. Our wide track, stabilized suspension and low center of gravity make for safe, easy towing.

Tow Dolly or Auto Transport?

If you are planning on towing your vehicle, choose between a tow dolly or auto transport. This blog post shows you which is best for your vehicle.

What to Do When the Straps Don’t Fit

Towing with an auto transport is a low cost alternative to shipping your car. While most vehicles fit with the standard straps, some don't. What can you do?

Nyberg’s Ace has added U-Haul truck and trailer rentals to its business. Through the partnership, Nyberg’s Ace will offer a variety of moving equipment and supplies designed for moving household furnishings, including moving vans, trailers, furniture pads, dollies and auto transports.
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