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How can I modify or cancel an existing reservation?

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Look up your order to view, change or cancel any part of your order or reservation.

General U-Haul Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions. General information includes questions related to location hours, acceptable forms of identification and payment, and more.

Moving Rental Cancellations

There are several simple ways to cancel a U-Haul Reservation. The first way is by logging into your U-Haul account.

As part of U-Haul Company’s Sustainability Initiative, a fuel-economy gauge is installed in every new-production truck and is being retrofitting into the existing fleet.
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Is my reservation guaranteed?

Reservation Guarantee

U-Haul agrees to contact a reserved customer the day prior to pickup to finalize time, place and equipment size. If this varies from customer’s reservation preference and an acceptable alternative is not agreeable, U-Haul will make a $50 “Reservation Guarantee” payment, the reservation will be terminated and the matter closed.

Should U-Haul, through its fault, fail to contact customer the day prior and be unable to meet preferred time, place or size, then the $50 reservation guarantee will be paid and U-Haul will still attempt to fill the reservation.

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