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A1 prestige Movers are friendly and well managed. With experience and hard work we are there to make your moving day a breeze.

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  • I was honestly expecting the worst because I have heard bad things about moving companies. But when these 3 guys came over they not only were professional and made sure my stuff did not break, but they also made sure that none of my stuff would break. They were funny, easy to talk to, and definitely a company I would use again.

    Brandon B.
  • A really great job from these guys! They moved a 1 bedroom apartment with a handful of heavy furniture in just 3 hours! Packed the truck securely also. I strongly recommend and would definitely hire again!

    Brad R.
  • Looking at previous reviews, it's clear that Fidel has a new crew. He seems ok but his guys treated my stuff really disrespectfully. My 6' glass curio cabinet wasn't wrapped and fell off the dolly, braking several glass shelves and a door. I wanted to fire them right then, but I was alone and couldn't do the job myself. They broke a large picture. I found my hat rack and one of my other large pictures in the trash. I rented a 26' truck for a 1 bedroom apartment + medium storage unit. They packed the truck with a little in the back and middle, then piled everything near the door and said they didn't have room for my final dozen boxes and that there was nothing they could do. When I pointed out that there was tons of room behind the wall of stuff behind the lift gate, I got the response- Ya, I guess we could have packed better. When another crew opened the lift gate to unload, they showed me a sea of boxes broken open with their contents spilled everywhere and broken furniture. Beware.

    Leigh-Anna B.

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