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Based out of Maricopa, AZ

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Professional movers that are respectful and are consistent on what they do They move fast and are extremely careful

The good boss
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Moving Helpers do not provide moving trucks or supplies

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    $130.00 USD

    Note: This provider offers a discounted hourly rate of $60.00 per hour after 2 hours

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Compensates the Moving Helper® for travel to and from your work site.
$0.00 USD
$130.00 USD
$0.00 USD
$130.00 USD
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    Regina B.

    Is there anything that we could do better in the future notes would be great !!

    Express movers
  • They cancelled on me

    Nicholas H.
  • We were very happy with Bryon and Austin. They were dependable and very professional when it came to unloading the U-Haul truck and putting stuff in our storage locker.

    Cynthia Z.
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