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SilverStar Movers *Has 20 Years Experience with Care and Concern for Customers Property* *We're Known For Being Efficient , Thorough and Detailed. TRY US!

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  • No response, i called serval times.

    Melissa G.
  • The guys were very friendly and did a great job moving my boxes and furniture quickly yet gently! I will be using them again for my next move!

    Julia C.
  • The helper dropped many boxes and knocked over many. An entire box of vintage Precious Moments figurines. I've collected them since I was a child and they are all broken. They wanted to just stack boxes and not load furniture. Took extra time and we had to pay tons more yet on day 2 (movers not used

    Lisa H.

    The Customer Move was Unsanitary Unclean,Unprepared still Packing &Cluttered. We have a System You Can't load a 5BD 26FT TR 10Ft Trailer for 2 Crew 2 hours.Customer Asked to stay after 2HRS. Hours work w/ extra person totalled much more which wasn't paid.

    SilverStar Movers

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