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HandiGate Ramp

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Product description

The HandiGate Ramp is a tailgate and a ramp. This system provides for unbelievable functionality. Made from both steel and a special composite providing superior strength.

  • Integrated workbench &
    Easier bed access &
    Still a seat if needed
  • Air flow thru &
    Extends bed length
  • Fits:
    Ford F150 1997 - current
    GMC/Chevy 1500 2000 - current
    Dodge 1500 1994 - current
    Toyota Tundra 2007 - current
  • Ramp length is 8ft 6in.
    Max width with ramps separated is 50" - Min. is 40" with ramps pushed together forming one solid platform.
  • Watch the video of the ramp/gate
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