Curt Tray Style Hitch-Mounted 2 Bike Rack

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This bike rack can carry up to two bikes. The adjustable arms can accommodate various bike heights and styles. The threaded shank prevents the bike from wobbling while the vehicle is in motion. The padded arms provide 3 points of contact to protect from damage and secure the bikes in place. The ratcheting arms lock down onto the frames and will not loosen during travel. The key-operated ratchets also deter theft while the vehicle is unattended. This rack also has the ability to tilt down so that the rear of the vehicle is still accessible while bikes are being towed. The sides of the rack fold up for easy, compact storage.

  • Fits 1 1/4” and 2” hitch recievers
  • Carrying Capacity: 2 bikes
  • Max Weight: 90 lbs. (40 kg)
  • Folds for compact storage
  • Durable black powder coat finish
  • Do not install on a trailer or other towed vehicle

Customer Reviews Curt Tray Style Hitch-Mounted 2 Bike Rack


Once you figure out how to assemble it, it's a bike rack that works well. The assembly instructions leave a lot to be desired. Also, there are a number of retainer clips that you have to detach/re-attach to adjust the rack, pivot it out of the way for access to the back of your car, etc., and they're nearly impossible to detach unless you use some sort of tool. For transporting one or two bikes securely, this is a great bike rack. The practical aspects of putting it together and setting it up might frustrate you, though. I'll give it an unenthusiastic four stars.

John K.

Best bike carrier I've ever used. Very well engineered and built to insure safe, quiet and damage-free cartage. Just drove 450 miles with two bikes...not a scratch or a rattle. Even though this takes a bit longer to assemble than hanging type carriers, it is worth every extra minute. Heavy duty construction promises years more trouble- free operation. This platform design provides the easiest, safest way to carry bungee cords needed!

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