EZ Moves Furniture Sliders 3”x 5”

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  • Each pack includes four (4) furniture sliders.

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EZ Moves ™ Furniture Sliders make moving heavy furniture easier. Simply tilt the object you want to move, place the sliders under each corner or leg, and then push or pull the object with ease. No adhesive is needed.

  • Dimensions of each slider: 3” x 5”
  • Includes 4 sliders
  • Gross Maximum Weight: 1,500 lbs. (680 kg)

EZ Moves Furniture Sliders 3”x 5” Reviews (5)

4 out of 5 stars with 5 reviews

Cynthia W.

Recommends this product

Who needs more than 2 people to move a 5 drawer chest of drawers fully loaded? My husband did it all on his own with these slider's. They are amazing!

Linda L.

Small size was too small to be truly effective.

Anonymous customer

work very good-easy to move heavy furniture

Anonymous customer


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Bonjour, Ce produit convient-il pour déplacer un piano à queue (1/2 queue) sur du parquet ? Merci

–Celine 4/18/2020 5:37:37 AM

How well do these work on the UHaul truck ramp? What is the weight limit for this item?

–CT mover 8/18/2016 5:01:18 AM

The weight limit for these furniture sliders is 1,500 lbs, so it should work for the U-Haul truck ramp. However, please note that these are intended to make moving furniture easier and may not have much use with a truck ramp. I hope that's helpful!

–SAVANNAH 8/18/2016 8:36:28 AM

What weight limit does the EZ Moves furniture slides have?

–Jim 5/5/2015 1:30:54 PM

The EZ Moves Furniture Slides can move items as heavy as 1,500 lbs!

–Joseph 5/12/2015 12:17:08 PM

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