DK2 Avalanche 84” x 22” T-Frame Snow Plow Kit

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Our brand new Universal DK2 Avalanche Snow plow kits combine the simplicity of our original T-Frame plow with the strength of our custom mount frame. The DK2 Avalanche snow plows allows you to quickly and effectively remove snow from your driveway or small parking lot. The Avalanche simply slides into a 2” front mount receiver for easy removal and storage. Each plow ships in a single carton complete with hardened steel cutting edge scraper, rubber snow deflector, polymer-wrapped wire rope plow markers, skid shoes, castor kit for easy storage, and a 3,000 lb. wireless electric winch. Each Avalanche plow will also include a set of adjustable blade stiffeners for added strength by creating a 3 point connection. Fits ANY vehicle that has a 2” Class III front mount receiver (not included). 1 Year Warranty.

  • Universal mount - fits most light trucks, SUVs & UTVs with 2” class III front mount receiver hitch
  • Easy to mount – simply slides into a 2” class III front mount receiver
  • Slide out and roll away for storage
  • Powder coated all-steel with UV protected paint
  • An electric winch lifts the blade, controlled from inside your warm vehicle for easy up and down snow control
  • Blade angles set and lock manually with a single lever lifting a pin to 3 blade locking positions: straight on, angled to the right, and angled to the left
  • Flip-down locking castors allow easy plow attachment, removal, and roll away storage – just lower the wheels and roll the unit to wherever you want it
  • Each snow plow kit includes a set of adjustable blade stiffeners for added strength
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturer - 1-year limited warranty - Ships in a single carton on a standard size pallet
  • Includes: upgraded wireless remote control, and upgraded 3,000 lb. winch, castor kit, plow markers, rubber deflector, scraper blade, and skid shoes
  • Trip Springs to shock absorb uneven surfaces - Plow markers for better blade visibility - Manual lever blade to angle left or right

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