2-5/16" Hitch Ball For Select A Ball Kit 4995

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This 2-5/16 hitch ball fits the 4995 Select A Ball kit.

  • For 4995 Select A Ball Kit
  • 2-5/16" hitch ball for 1" round shank only

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Will this fit a 08 Toyota Tacoma and work with your trailers?

–David 4/6/2015 5:56:42 PM

The 4996 2-5/16" ball diameter is too large for the U-Haul trailer 1-7/8" - 2" couplers.

Before you tow, please visit your local U-Haul hitch center for a free tow inspection. U-Haul can quickly inspect and fit your vehicle with the necessary towing equipment.

–Joseph 4/9/2015 9:38:31 AM

Tow dolly are straps connected on front an rear of tirer

–leeann faria 11/12/2014 1:41:05 AM

"Once the vehicles front tires are seated into the tow dolly wheel troughs, the tire straps are pulled over the top of the front tires from back to front then secured with the ratchets. For more information on tow dolly straps, please see the link below or visit your local U-Haul center." http://www.uhaul.com/Trailers/Tow-Dolly-Rental/TD/

–Ronald 11/12/2014 1:08:31 PM

If my car (Chev Blazer) currently doesn't have any hitching equip at all, can I purchase/attach these items to my vehicle to safely tow a 17' boat?

–Lucy 10/21/2014 12:22:15 PM

It depends on a number of things including the weight of the boat and trailer and your vehicles towing limits. To be sure and safe, you should check with a local UHaul hitch Center. Thanks.

–Ronald 10/21/2014 12:42:40 PM

Can I get this put on a 2002 Honda oddessy to pull a trailer without the hitch

–damicca 8/11/2014 7:48:38 PM

"The 4996 2-5/16 Select A Ball was designed to attach to the Select A Ball kit part 4995 (sold separately). It is necessary to have a 2 inch receiver hitch and ball mount to use the Select A Ball kit with the Honda Odyssey."

–Ronald 8/12/2014 2:50:28 PM

Can this fit a 2014 for escape and tow a 5'8 cargo trailor

–tara 7/14/2014 7:11:29 AM

"A vehicle receiver hitch, ball mount and select a ball kit part 4995 is required to use part 4996. Please note, a hitch system is only as strong as its lowest-rated component. Compare the maximum tow rating of the hitch, ball mount and hitch ball. Your hitch system rating is the lowest weight rating among those components."

–Ronald 7/16/2014 9:21:15 AM

What is the capacity of this ball hitch?

–Valerie Cialkowski 3/29/2014 8:17:45 PM

"8,000 lbs. when used with the part number 4995."

–Ronald 4/3/2014 3:35:58 PM

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