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Enviro-Bubble® Large Bubble (100' x 12")

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Product Description

Pack like a pro with this large size enviro-bubble. It provides superior protection for fragile and heavy items like electronic or stereo equipment, paintings, sculptures and crystal or glass items while moving and shipping.

  • Dimensions: (L) 100’ x (W) 12”
  • Bubble size: (W) 1 in. x (H) 5/16 in.
  • Lightweight extra protection
  • 100% recyclable
Part number:

Please note:

  • Perforated every 12" for easy packing.

Customer Reviews Enviro-Bubble® Large Bubble (100' x 12")


Plenty to use for several boxes

Jake S.

Exactly as described fast service.

janice r.


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Does it bleed?

–Julia 1/17/2014 5:41:09 PM

No, the color of this product will not bleed onto the product it is protecting.

–Stephen 1/20/2014 8:53:21 AM

Is this wrap perforated?

–Mary Anne 2/21/2014 2:07:09 PM

"Yes, every 12 inches"

–Ronald 4/22/2014 4:02:54 PM

What is the size of the large bubbles (1/2" diameter, 3/4" diameter)?

–Chris 4/29/2014 5:04:32 AM

The Uhaul buyer for this product notes: "5/16 inch"

–Ronald 4/29/2014 7:54:45 AM

Which is recommended for Wrapping large items like a flat screen tv? (Small or large bubbles)

–Samantha 6/23/2015 9:59:59 AM

The larger bubble is recommended for a large item like a TV.

That being said, we also have anti-static bubble, but it is the smaller bubble size.

–Joseph 6/29/2015 9:21:20 AM

What is the color of the large bubble wrap?

–Games 11/25/2015 8:20:46 PM

The large bubble material is green.

Thanks for asking!

–Joseph 11/30/2015 10:02:21 AM

It says it can be used for electronic or stereo equipment, will it protect against static at all??

–Jordan 4/6/2016 3:41:26 PM

This bubble material is not anti-static. Please see our anti-static bubble here!

–Joseph 4/7/2016 8:49:43 AM

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