High Performance Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler

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Price: $81.00

Product description

All high-performance automatic transmission coolers fit both domestic and import vehicles with automatic transmission. OEM type plate and fin design with durable brazed aluminum construction provide maximum strength, cooling efficiency and oil rate flow. Easy do-it-yourself, step by step instructions are provided. No special tools needed. Quick connect fittings and hardware included.

  • Unique plate-to-fin design allows for effective cooling
  • Compact size make unit just right for tight areas
  • Internal turbulation for efficient heat transfer
  • Predrilled mounting plates and push-on fittings make them easy to install
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Customer reviews High Performance Heavy Duty Transmission Cooler

Steve W.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I have gotten all my towing and moving needs from you guys. No doubt in my mind that you guys are the best. Great prices!

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