Want to be U-Haul Famous®?

U-Haul wants to celebrate you by featuring your photos on U-Haul Moving trucks all across the U.S. and Canada! Submit any photo related to your U-Haul adventure and it could be part of the U-Haul moving experience for future generations of U-Haul moving customers just like you.

Use the submission form on the right to upload photos of your U-Haul adventure. If your photo is printed on a truck, you will be able to track its progress by using the Where’s My Photo? option. If you submitted your photo with an e-mail address, you will also receive updates via e-mail of the places your truck is travelling to.

Where's my photo?

Enter Email or your Instagram account below to find the location of your photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my photo was submitted successfully?

After you submit your photo on uhaulfamous.com, you will receive email notification acknowledging receipt of your photo. Youcan also search for the photo you submitted by entering the email address or Instagram user name used to submit the photo in the “Where’s my photo?” field.

How do I track my photo?
Enter the email address or Instagram user name used to submit your photo in the “Where’s my photo?” field on uhaulfamous.com. The results will display all the states/provinces to which a truck with your photo is assigned. You can click these results and see the exact location of truck and the truck’s equipment number.
How do I know when my photo is on a truck?

If you submitted your photo by email or on uhaulfamous.com, you will receive an email notifying you that your photo has been placed on a truck.  If you submitted your photo through Instagram, you will be tagged by the U-Haul Instagram account in a weekly mention of users put on a truck.

Will my photo be put on a truck in my city?
We added a field in August 2014 to collect city information along with the photos submitted on uhaulfamous.com. If a photo was submitted after this time, we will do our best to place your photo on a truck in the city chosen at the time of submission.
Can I request to have my photo removed?

Yes. If you no longer want your photo included in our database for use, please email myphotos@uhaul.com along with your name and email or Instagram user name used to submit the photo.  Please indicate that you want your photo removed from the database of photos.
How many photos can I submit?
Share as many as you want! There is no limit to how many photos you can submit or that we will use from any user.
Can I change the email address or Instagram user name I submitted my photo under?
Yes. If you want to change your email address or Instagram user name, please email us at myphotos@uhaul.com. Include your name, and the email address or Instagram user name you used to submit the photo. Please allow seven days for the update to appear on uhaulfamous.com.
What if I can't remember what email address I used to submit the photo?
This may be a little tricky, but we will do our best to help you find it. Email the photo to us at myphotos@uhaul.com along with the approximate date or month you submitted the photo.
Will U-Haul use my photo for any other purpose?
U-Haul may choose to use the photo for other promotional purposes. Please review the Terms and Conditions for Submission for more information.
Can I submit photos of other people?

You can submit photos of other people as long as you have permission from them to do so. By submitting your photo you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions that indicate that you own rights to the photo you are submitting.

How long will my photo be on the truck?
We can’t say exactly how long your photo will be used, but photos will remain on the trucks for the life of the decal or until the program ends (?); this could be up to 10 years.
How long does it take to get my photo on a truck?
Typically it takes between six to eight weeks from the time you submit your photo until it is placed on a truck.
Are there restrictions to photos you print on the truck?
We try to include as many photos of you and U-Haul as possible. We will not use any photos that include profanity, show illegal activity or contain negative connotations about any community.
What is #uhaulfamous?

U-Haul Famous is our way of celebrating you, the valued U-Haul customer, by printing your photo on the side of a U-Haul moving truck.  To become #uhaulfamous, simply share a photo and some brief information about your moving adventure on uhaulfamous.com for a chance to have your story featured on a U-Haul truck. 

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