Illustration of three boxes
Residential Moves
Ready-To-Go Boxes are designed for easier lifting and stacking.
Illustration of boxes in truck
Business Moves
Use Ready-To-Go Boxes to pack and store items while saving more space.
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Renovation Projects
Use Ready-To-Go Boxes while renovating a home or office.

Why Choose U-Haul Ready-To-Go Box?

Closed box
Pack and unpack faster
  • Ready-To-Go Boxes are ready to be packed. No assembly needed!
  • Stack these moving crates for easy loading and unloading.
Sustainable moving
  • Ready-To-Go Boxes are reused and rented over and over again.
  • These reusable moving boxes are recycled and used to make more boxes.
Save money
  • No need to purchase tape or box cutters.
Keep items safe
  • These water-resistant, durable moving bins keep your belongings safe and secure.
Open boxes
Save space
  • Empty plastic boxes can be nested to save space.
  • Return them when you’re done, no need to store empty boxes in your home.
Woman unpacking boxes

Learn more about reusable moving boxes

Watch this video to see how U-Haul Ready-To-Go Boxes are changing the way people pack, load, unload and unpack.

Request Ready-To-Go Boxes in Your City!

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What our customers say…

The totes worked great and should replace boxes ASAP. No tape, nothing to break down, better for the environment. I hope I don't have to move for a few more years, but I'll definitely be using these when I do. Thanks!

Craig, Phoenix, AZ

These boxes are amazing. I will likely never buy another cardboard box. They are LESS EXPENSIVE than cardboard boxes!!!

Patricia, Glendale, AZ

Loved the service. Saved me time with packing and taping up cardboard boxes. I also re-used boxes multiple times and didn't have to worry about disposing them afterwords. Quite affordable too.

Tochi, Glendale, AZ

No need for tape and all of the same size boxes made it simple to pack. The Ready to Go boxes are easy to close and stack

Joan, Scottsdale, AZ

Frequently Asked Questions about U-Haul Moving Crates

How do I pay?
U-Haul accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
When do I pay for plastic boxes?
When you reserve on-line, payment will be due at checkout.
What size is the box?
Our plastic box is approximately 24” x 20” x 12” (2.4 cubic feet).
Can I keep my Ready-To-Go Boxes for longer than my rental time?
Yes. Just call us to extend your moving bin rental.
Are the moving crates cleaned?
Yes! We clean and sanitize our plastic moving bins after every use.
Are there different size Ready-To-Go Boxes?
We currently have one size box, 24” x 20” x12” (2.4 cubic feet). This size fits through doorways and is the ideal size for loading and unloading.
Do the boxes have handles?
Yes! Ergonomic handles are designed for easy lifting.
How durable are the reusable moving boxes?
Ready-To-Go Boxes are made of high density polyethylene making them highly durable. Boxes are used hundreds of times before they are recycled.
What happens if I damage a plastic moving box?
If you damage a box to the point where it cannot be rented again, you will get charged a box replacement fee of $25 per box.
Can I change my dates?
If you want to change your date, call us and we will work with you to change your date. Keep in mind, it is possible we may be fully booked on the day you wish to reschedule.