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Available at U-Haul Stores!* Self-checkout from the convenience of your mobile device. Simply scan barcodes or search products by name, add them to cart and checkout.

No need to confirm your purchase - store team members are notified as soon as you pay. If you need help bringing a purchase to your vehicle, ask your nearest team member. Shopping at a U-Haul Store has never been easier!

How Scan & Go Works

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What is Scan & Go

Scan & Go is self-checkout at participating U-Haul Store locations that utilizes your mobile device. You can use our guest WiFi to process your transaction if you prefer.*

Why should I use Scan & Go

To save time! Moving often occurs towards the end of the week and on weekends. During these times, U-Haul showrooms can be extremely busy. We understand customers shopping for a few boxes or packing supplies are on a time crunch to start packing for their move. Scan & Go offers a solution to pay and go without waiting in line.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scan & Go

Can I use Scan & GO to create a pickup in-store order?

The best way to create an in-store pickup order is by visiting and choosing the pick up in store option when adding products to your cart. Shopping on, you can choose a pick-up location and either checkout or continue shopping.

Product purchased for in-store pickup is usually available for pickup within 2 hours of purchase, or you can schedule your preferred pickup time at checkout.

Don't worry - if there are no locations that have the inventory on-hand for a particular product you are interested in, you can always choose to have the items shipped to your door instead! You can always pick up products that are available and have others shipped to your door on the same order.

Can I use Scan & Go to pick up my truck?

Not Scan & Go, but you can use Truck Share 24/7!

U-Haul's Truck Share program enables equipment pick up using a mobile device! Scan &g; Go is a self-checkout process for retail items while shopping a U-Haul store's showroom. Click here for more information on Truck Share 24/7")

Can I return unused items I purchased using Scan & Go?

Yes! U-Haul has a 100% Buy Back Guarantee on all unused moving supplies and other retail product with receipt. Simply bring the unused products back to your local U-Haul store with receipt for a refund!

Can I use cash to pay for a Scan & Go order?

At this time, only card and electronic forms of payment are accepted on Scan & Go orders

Can I use a U-Haul gift card or VIP to pay for my Scan & Go order?

Yes! Select the apply gift card option on the shopping cart page to add your gift-card, VIP, coupon, or discount code!

Can someone help me bring my boxes and moving supplies to my car?

Yes! Some boxes and moving supplies can be oddly-shaped and awkward to handle. Many of U-Haul Moving and Storage stores have specially designed Moving Supply Shopping Carts to carry these awkward items!")

Not to worry - if the store you are shopping at doesn't have one of these shopping carts, our store team members are always happy to lend a helping hand!

U-Haul guest WiFi and Scan & Go self-checkout available at participating locations. To find a location, search your Zip-code above for nearby stores.

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