Nova Scotia

Do You Like Ghost Stories?

Suddenly she appears in the night air ,
The mysterious vessel come from nowhere.
With sails ablaze from bow to stern,
Disappearing at every turn.

The Phantom Ship goes sailing by,
Without a guiding star in the sky.
Sailing around an empty sea,
The end of the journey will never be.
Until forever this ship will last,
Caught between the present and the past.
-Adapted from a poem by Sarah Ibrahim

Every one of us has heard various ghost stories while growing up, from the ever-present bogeyman, to the visit with Bloody Mary that only the bravest of the brave would try. But how many of you have heard of the Phantom Ship?

Stories of a strange and eerie ship that glows on the horizon off Nova Scotia have persisted for more than 250 years with seagoing and land-loving folks alike. The sightings have been both numerous and similar, making it the most witnessed unexplained apparition in Canada, and possibly the world. Is it possible to discount the hundreds or possibly thousands of stories that have been shared throughout the years?