Yukon SuperGraphic

Icy Introduction

Once upon a time long, long ago, there was a land that existed between the Arctic regions of Asia and North America…a cold, arid land that some of the first North American people called home. Over time, these prehistoric humans populated North America, migrating from Asia and living on a unique land mass along the way. The ancient, massive grassland, treeless as far as the eye could see, also was home to many now-extinct mammals. These ancient mammals, like the humans, were well adapted to living in the ice age’s Arctic cold and arid conditions. Join us now on this prehistoric journey across that long-since-submerged land mass and its surrounding regions known today as Beringia. Learn about migration mysteries and discover how the ice age forever changed Canada’s landscape.

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Beringia Winter Scene
Beringia winter scene including mammoth, horse, bison and musk ox. Photograph Courtesy of: George Teichmann Illustration.

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