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Remarkable adventures in southwest Louisiana

Louisiana's cities are filled with colorful, fun festivals, proud patrons and Cajun delights; however, beyond the city streets, unexpected treasures and mystery await in the unique terrain of southwest Louisiana. This land beckons to those who view it with a sense of adventure. At first glance, the landscape appears to be peaceful and tranquil...a world of natural beauty and abundance; however, do not allow yourself to be fooled by this seemingly serene land. The lands and waters that are known today as Louisiana's Outback are abundant with wildlife and booming with activity. With millions of butterflies, more than 250 species of birds, 30 species of mammals and many, many more creatures, this terrain is not only unique to Louisiana, it is unique to the entire world.

What is it about this land that is so unique? Well, "outback," by definition, is an inaccessible and sparsely populated part of the country; however, that's the uniqueness of Louisiana's outback: it is accessible. People have lived off the bounty of the outback and spent many years working to preserve its beauty for future generations. French explorers traded with the cannibalistic Attakapas Indians, who created colonial Louisiana, and Louisiana's Cajun and Creole cultures took root and grew abundantly. Legends, passed on for centuries, tell of the pirate Jean Lafitte, who long ago hid buried treasures along the shores of Lake Charles. One can explore this serene yet rugged terrain, search for unexpected treasure, become immersed in the culture and enjoy all the beauty the outback has to offer along the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road.

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An Alligator on the Creole Nature Trail.Photo courtesy of Toby Armstrong - Southwest Louisiana/Lake Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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