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University of Maine - Ice Age Trail

A site from the University of Maine detailing different points where the Ice Age affected the landscape of Maine. Features and interactive map and glossary of terms.

Umaine today - "On the Trail of Maine's Ice Age"
An article from University of Maine's Magazine (UMaine today) regarding the creation of the Ice Age Trail.

Bangor Daily News - "Our Changing world"
An article with more information about the Ice Age in Maine.

Maine Geological Survey - Maine's Surficial Geology
A Series of articles and images related to the Maine's Surficial Geology from the Maine Geological Survey.

Maine Geological Survey - Fossils
An article from the Maine Geological Survey about fossils in Maine.

Swimming WalrusesWalruses in the sea. Photo courtesy of Ólafur Ingólfsson

Maine State History
A more general history of Maine.

Wikipedia - Glacier
Wikipedia's entry on glaciers.