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Mysteries in the Makin'

 Usually the formation of a canyon takes an extremely long time, so the mere thought of a canyon with such amazing depth and beauty being formed in less than 150 years seems almost impossible. Over the years, there has been much speculation and many theories as to what caused the dramatic change from rolling hills to amazing 150-foot-deep canyons in such a "geologically speaking" short period of time. Many have asked, "What in the world happened, and how is the formation of something of this magnitude possible in such a short amount of time?" Local folklore offers tales of trickling water running down old Native American trails, which started the erosion. Other stories suggest that water running off of a barn built by a family by the name of Patterson in 1855, or perhaps runoff from the roof of a local schoolhouse created this natural wonder. Different accounts of what happened have surfaced throughout the years and may not be too far from the truth; however, the real answer lies in the settlement of the area and poor farming practices.

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Georgia's Little Grand Canyon
Photo Courtesy of Harris Hatcher.
Georgia's Little Grand Canyon
Photo Courtesy of Sharnita Flintroy.

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