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Church on the Move From the Growing Groove

 The growing groove, which was on its way to quickly becoming a canyon, was given its name because of the Providence Methodist Church that was established in the area around 1832. Historical records indicate that the church had to be moved because of the dangers that constantly arose in the ever-growing canyon. The current church structure was built in 1859 however, the Original Providence Methodist Church along with an old schoolhouse stood on land that would lie between the main gorges of the canyon today. Scientists have studied the cores of the canyons to find out how quickly sediments were deposited in the lakes from debris washed down the creek. Then, scientists correlated the core-sediment layers with the records of heavy rainfall occurring in Lumpkin. Scientists were then able to estimate that the development of the canyon began in 1846. It was only 13 years later that Providence Methodist Church had to be relocated because of the canyon coming too close.

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