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A Little Grand Canyon Existing in Georgia

Not only does this brilliant geologic wonder currently exist in Georgia, it is constantly growing! Canyon measurements taken between 1984 and 1994 showed scientists that the canyon is still growing, but mainly in width. Even present-day fences have to be relocated and roads need to be rerouted in Georgia because the canyon, along with its landscape always changes. Between three and five feet of canyon walls are lost each year; however, the canyons will not get any deeper because the floor of the canyon is the ancient sea floor. As the sands wash off the canyon walls, they form sand bars on the canyon floors and, over time, the sand bars are washed away by heavy rains. Therefore, the depths of the sands on top of the canyon floors are constantly changing due to the formation and erosion of the sand bars.

Since a heavy rain may change something minor, like a gully, into something major, like a canyon, nature has clearly proven that it does not take millions of years for huge canyons to form; an area needs only the right conditions. If elderly people who grew up and still reside in Lumpkin had not actually "witnessed" the growth and formation of Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon," hardly anyone would believe how it really formed.

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Georgia's Little Grand Canyon

Photo Courtesy of Joy Joyner.

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