Rhode Island SuperGraphic

Introduction to the Intrigue

As the sun rises and sets in Touro Park, an interesting stone structure sits, catching the sun’s rays as it has done for as many years as people can remember. In its position, overlooking the town of Newport, one can only imagine how long this structure has been here, or what it may have seen in its lifetime.

For many people, this may be the first time they learned of the mystifying stone structure sitting quietly near the west end of Touro Park in Newport, Rhode Island. Although extensive research, heated debates and in-depth studies have taken place regarding the origin of the structure, the fact remains that this piece of history has not been definitively explained. For every theory about the tower’s origin, there is an opposing viewpoint. The following information about the Newport Tower is in no way meant to be all-inclusive nor does it favor one opinion over another. The information found here is meant to enlighten readers and perhaps give enough background for them to draw their own conclusions.

The “Venture Across America” series of SuperGraphics teaches us about little-known mysteries from each U.S. state, Canadian province and territory. This could be considered one of history’s ultimate mysteries. The city of Newport can be proud that their community is home to such a special piece of our country’s heritage.

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