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A horse is a horse... Unless of course

A horse is a horse unless... it's a zebra? Since the initial uncovering of the mysterious bones in 1928, paleontologists from all over North America have been questioning what kind of an animal the Hagerman Horse was. Was it actually a horse, or was it in fact a full-blooded zebra? Even though the mysterious animal was given the name Hagerman Horse, it was actually more closely related to a zebra. Scientists have never known what color the Hagerman Horse was, but the overall anatomy of the animal appeared to resemble a horse. Even though scientists have no fossil evidence of the Hagerman Horse having stripes like a zebra, the chewing surfaces of the teeth, along with certain details of the long skull and the rest of the skeleton, indicate that the Hagerman Horse was more closely related to the living Grevy's zebra of Africa. The Hagerman Horse was basically the size of a modern-day Arabian horse, weighing anywhere from 385 to 850 pounds and measuring between 43 to 57 inches long. The Hagerman Horse possessed a single hoof, and was likely to have had a stiff mane. It would have been large enough for humans to ride, which leaves scientists still guessing whether or not Hagerman was a true horse, a full-blooded zebra or something in between. Hopefully, in the future, scientists will be able to put an end to the mystery and figure out if it was, of course, a horse. Let's take a closer look into the remarkable evolution of Idaho's ancient savannah.

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Hagerman Horse, Zebra, Modern Day Horse.
Courtesy of the National Park Service.
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Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Author BLW.
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Grevys Zebra laying down.
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courtesy of - USFW National Image Library.
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America's first horse The evolution of Idaho's ancient savannah