Soldier Ride SuperGraphic

It's about the soldiers

It's not about the politics.

It's not about the war.

It's about the soldiers.

Imagine embarking on a 4,400-mile journey across the United States as part of a group of courageous men and women who cycle to spread an inspirational message of hope! Four thousand miles is an extremely long trek and would be quite challenging for anyone, and is perhaps something very few people would consider doing. Imagine how challenging it would be for someone missing a limb, or perhaps even two limbs. It may just seem next to impossible; however, U.S. Army veterans Heath Calhoun, Ryan Kelly and other dedicated cyclists of Soldier Ride prove that accomplishing this trek is definitely possible!

Launching this amazing journey for the third year in a row, more than 75 Soldier Ride 2006 cyclists will take off on a cross-country trek from Montauk, New York to Pendleton, California in order to raise funds and awareness for soldiers returning injured from Afghanistan, Iraq and other military conflicts around the world.

One may ask, "why would people go to such great lengths, literally 4,400 miles, in order to spread a message of inspiration and hope? Where does the inspiration to embark on such a journey come from?" Steve Nardizzi, executive director of Soldier Ride explains. "These cyclists, many who have been wounded, want to give back, he said." "Even though they have already given so much, they want to give this positive message to the public and pass the message on to the next group of wounded soldiers."

Steve also stated that another aspect of inspiration is the challenge.

"Many of these men and women have been physically active throughout their lives, and are not going to loose that he noted." "They are going to get on the bike and prove to themselves 'I can still do this.'" Soldier Ride is not about the politics, it's not about the war, it's simply about the soldiers.

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