How to Install a Front Mounted Hitch on a Lincoln Mark LT (VIDEO)

Welcome to the installation video of the CURT 31352 Front Mount Receiver Hitch on the 2004 Lincoln Mark 5. To give you a better view of the installation, we are using a lift. Like most installations, this vehicle does not need to be elevated for the install.

We estimate this installation to take 30 minutes to an hour depending on your level of expertise. These are the tools necessary for the install: 1/2” Socket, Ratchet extension, and Torque wrench. Start by removing the tow hooks located here. If not present, fish wire the carriage bolts and spacers into position.

Starting with the foremost attachment point first, to eliminate additional hardware from binding within the frame. To fish wire the hardware, place the coiled end of the fish wire into the foremost attachment point and out the access point on the frame. Place the spacer over the coiled end of the fish wire and insert it into the access point. Thread the carriage bolt into the coiled end of the fish wire. Pull on the opposing side, allowing the carriage bolt to pass through the spacer and frame. Repeat this process on the opposing side.

Next, raise the hitch into position, taking extra care not to knock the hardware back into the frame. Secure the hitch with the supplied hex flange nuts. In some vehicles, fascia trimming may be necessary if the hitch comes in contact with the fascia preventing the hitch from being installed. Once in place, torque all hardware to that specified in the supplied instruction sheet.

This completes the installation of the CURT 31352 Front Mount Receiver Hitch on the 2004 Lincoln Mark 5. Still need a winch mount or cargo carrier? Find all that and more online at

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