How to Install a Trailer Hitch for a 2017 Chevy Traverse

To install a trailer hitch on your 2017 Chevy Traverse you’ll need a few tools, a Draw-Tite 75528 trailer hitch and about an hour to complete the installation. Follow the steps below to start hauling hitch-mounted accessories with your Chevy Traverse today.

About the Draw-Tite 75528

The Draw-Tite 75528 is a class 3, bolt-on trailer hitch designed for the 2017 Chevy Traverse. It has a max trailer weight of 7,500 lb. and a max tongue weight of 750 lb. so it’s capable of hauling large loads. No welding or drilling is required for the installation.

Tools needed:

  • Exhaust pliers 
  • Safety glasses 
  • Torque wrench 
  • 18mm socket 
  • 5 in. socket extension 
  • ¾ in. socket

2017 Chevy Traverse hitch installation steps

1. Remove the hitch door

Locate the hitch door on the rear bumper. Turn the hitch door fasteners so that they are parallel with the bumper. This will allow you to remove the hitch door by hand and provide space to install the hitch.

2. Locate the weld nuts

Looking underneath the vehicle you should be able to spot the weld nuts. These are the threaded holes where the hitch will attach. On the passenger side, there are two weld nuts located above the exhaust. On the driver side, the two weld nuts are on the bottom of the frame.

3. Lower the exhaust

Lowering the exhaust will give you more room to access the weld nuts on the passenger side. To lower the exhaust, push the isolator rods out of the rubber exhaust hangers on both sides using a Phillips screwdriver or exhaust pliers.

4. Clean the weld nuts

If necessary, you may need to clean the weld nuts of corrosion or other debris before attaching the hitch so the bolts thread properly. You can use a battery terminal brush or a thread tap to do so.

5. Position and attach the hitch to the frame

Position the hitch so the attachment points line up with the weld nuts. Tighten the four provided bolts by hand first so the hitch stays in position. You may want to alternate between sides of the vehicle.

6. Attach the hitch to the bumper beam

If your vehicle came with weld nuts on the bumper beam, you can attach the bolts to the bumper beam just as you did the frame in the previous step. If there are no weld nuts, you will need to use the two provided rectangular handle nuts and spacers to attach the hitch to the bumper beam. Place the spacer on top of the hitch tab. Thread the bolt through the hitch tab, bumper beam and handle nut, which should be slotted through the rectangular opening and held above the hitch tab. Repeat this on the other hitch tab.

7. Torque the bolts

After the hitch is in place, firmly secure all four bolts using the torque wrench. When torquing the frame nuts, torque to 92 ft. lb using an 18mm socket. When torquing the bumper beam nuts, torque to 50 ft. lb. using a ¾-inch socket with the 5-inch. extension. The torque wrench should make a clicking sound when you have reached the correct amount.

8. Raise the exhaust

Place the isolator rods back into the exhaust hangers. This can be done by hand or with exhaust pliers. Be sure the rods are firmly back in place.

9. Connect the hitch door (optional)

If you are not planning on using your hitch soon and would prefer it not be visible, you can reattach the hitch door. No tools are required. Place the hitch door back in place on the bumper and tighten the fasteners.

You should now have your Draw-Tite 75528 trailer hitch installed on your 2017 Chevy Traverse.

Whatever vehicle you drive, we have a trailer hitch for you. Don’t have the time to install yourself? Schedule a professional installation at and we’ll do the work. If U-Haul doesn’t have a hitch for your vehicle, nobody does!

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