U-Box Containers are a flexible storage solution

U-Box is an ideal option for storing your possessions. Instead of driving to a storage facility, U-Box brings the storage facility to you. After the U-Box container arrives at your door, you can keep it at your home as a mobile storage unit or we can store your container in a secure warehouse until you are ready to access it again.

Popular Ways to Use as Storage

  • two customers loading a ubox
    Home Renovation or Repair

    Clear out space and keep your goods clean during a home remodeling project. Keep on site for easy access or store it in our neighborhood warehouse.

  • uboxes stacked in a storage facility
    Extended Storage During a Move

    We offer storage any time during your move. Only load and unload once. We can store your belongings locally or in your new city.

  • marathon runners in a race
    Business Events

    If your business is participating in a weekend event or an annual festivity, a U-Box container is the way to go. It is an easy way for you to store your event inventory for several days and access it when you need to.

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U-Box Delivery Options

  • We Deliver

    House with U-Box and truck The superior convenience option

  • Self Delivery

    Pickup truck with U-Box on trailer The low-cost, convenient option

  • Access at a U-Haul Location

    two people putting moving boxes in a U-Box The zero delivery fee option

Learn more about the delivery options available.