College Bound: Moving to UC Davis


Fall is nearing, and as it does, soon-to-be college students everywhere are beginning to plan their journeys to the dorms. If you’ve decided to attend the University of California, Davis (UC Davis), then congratulations. This college is one of the world’s leading research institutions and was ranked no. 7 of the top 50 public colleges and universities in America.

You have a lot to look forward to at UC Davis. From its forward-thinking focus on its environmental impact, to the small-town feel of the college city, you are sure to enjoy all that this college has to offer. To make your experience of moving to UC Davis more pleasant, we have asked several industry pros for their recommendations to save you time and money. The tips in this post will keep you sane while you’re moving, so that you can save the tough stuff for your classes.

Plan your move-in date carefully. Avoiding the rush of college move in will allow you to take your time on moving day, rather than spending it waiting in line. In addition to the usual college move-in peak in Davis, which is experienced the weekend before school starts; there is another intricacy in Davis. On the 30th of August, many lease and rental contracts expire. Most of them will not begin anew until September 1st. This pickle leaves many students displaced for anywhere from 24-48 hours. Renting a moving truck to come to Davis during this time frame is ill-advised. You may have trouble reserving your equipment, finding parking, and will most certainly be waiting in long lines. The most ideal time to move in, if possible, is 9/1-9/19. During the week will be your best bet.

Moving to UC DavisMake it a round trip. If you’re moving to Davis from a nearby city, keep in mind that it’s a pretty small town. Rather than coming from the Bay Area, Sacramento or Vacaville, and returning your moving truck rental in Davis, consider taking the truck back to the city from which you came. This maneuver is called a ‘round trip’, and can save you money because rental companies don’t want an oversupply of equipment after college move-in is complete. Many will put in special rates if you’re willing to return it to its origin, and the savings cancels out the extra cost in fuel. Not to mention, lines in Davis will be very long, so avoiding them all together is your best bet.

Drop off your truck at an alternate destination. When heading to UC Davis, it would make sense for you to return your rental truck in Davis, right? Wrong. In fact, while a rental center in Davis may seem convenient, the truth is that you may be faced with congestion and a very long wait. Consider returning the truck to a nearby city that is slightly removed from college chaos (think: Sacramento or Vacaville). Sure you’ll be driving a bit out of the way, but your drop-off will be quick and seamless, which is ultimate goal, after all.

Saving as much stress as possible on your journey to college at UC Davis will start your college experience off on the right foot.

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Have you already made the move to UC Davis? If so, we’d love to hear about your experience below in the comments!