Moving Trucks for a Smaller Move

Moving Trucks for a Smaller Move
As moving day approaches and you start to arrange the boxes and belongings, you will begin to consider what vehicle to use during your move.  You know you don’t need big a moving truck since this is a small move, so you might find yourself struggling to decide between using a cargo van or a pickup truck. Both vehicles are great options for smaller moves but feature different benefits. So, if you could use a little help making a decision, read below and decide for yourself which option will make your DIY move most successful.

Cargo Vans and Pickup Trucks

U-Haul cargo vans and pickup trucks are great low-cost options for anyone moving In-Town (within city limits), as they both prove fuel efficient. Both vehicles also are extremely popular with people who are moving out of smaller apartments and condos, as well as students who are moving into dorms or apartments. U-Haul cargo vans are 9’2” x 5’7-1/2” x 4’5” (L x W x H), and all cargo vans have rub rails and tie downs, and can transport more than 3,500 lbs. U-Haul pickup trucks are 8’1-1/2″ x 5’1″ x 1’8″ (L x W x H), and are equipped with Gentle Ride suspension and SRS airbags, and can handle more than 1,500 lbs. And if you have to tow something, both vehicles can meet your needs there, too!

What Are You Moving?

Remember… when trying to decide between a cargo van and pickup truck it comes down to knowing what you are moving. A pickup truck is easier to load and unload since you can use both sides of the vehicle, compared to a cargo van’s back door. So, depending on the size of your items, a pickup truck may offer more utility value and be your best bet. However, if you have a lot of fragile items, a cargo van may be better because it provides more security and protection for your belongings, as well as better organization when packing.

Moving-Day Forecast

If you live in an area where your moving-day forecast may be less than pleasant, or if you are moving during extreme winter or with high summertime temperatures, a cargo van is the best choice, as it carries all items inside the vehicle, while a pickup truck leaves items exposed to the elements. Depending on your items, if they can withstand water or other unfavorable climatic conditions, a pickup truck could still be used with a tarp. Whether you decide to use a cargo van or pickup truck on your moving day, remember to pack smart to ensure a successful move. Don’t forget moving supplies such as rope and boxes, which can help you secure your load whether you decide on a cargo van or pickup truck.

Have you made a successful move using a cargo van or pickup truck? If so, please share your tips with us below.