5 Ways Pinterest Can Make Moving Easier

5 ways Pinterest can make moving easier.

I can spend hours on Pinterest saving pins to boards for recipes, DIY crafts, and projects. More recently, I have found that Pinterest can help with moving! It can help make it more efficient and get you settled in your new place much quicker. Here are 5 ways Pinterest can make moving easier.

Preparing to Move

If you know anything about a moving timeline, then you know that there’s much more that goes into you’re move than packing up and getting the moving truck. Here are a few things you can do to prep for your move:

  • Discover Tools for Setting a Budget for Your Move: Moving almost always costs more than you anticipate.  Use blogs that give you a realistic look at how much it costs to move or help to estimate the mileage costs for your moving truck rental.
  • Decide What to Bring, Sell or Give Away: Do not pack, move and unpack unwanted items.  It is just too much extra work.  Find blogs to help you determine what to get rid of before you move.
  • Order Moving Supplies: Find great supplies to help you protect your belongings or help you move heavy items.


  • Find Great Ways to Pack for Unpacking: Pack to make things easiest for when you unpack.  By the time you unpack you will probably be tired and ready to be done.  Plan ahead so it is easy to unpack.  Things like color coding boxes by room and keeping clothes on the hangers make unpacking so much easier.  Find hundreds of moving day hacks on Pinterest.
  • Organize your Boxes: Number your boxes to ensure all your boxes end up at the final destination.  This is especially important if you have movers picking your belongings up from your home.

Moving Day Hacks and Safety TipsMoving Tips on Pinterest

  • Find the Experts in the Industry: Find brands or blogs you trust on Pinterest to see what they suggest for moving.
  • Read Blogs on Safety Tips for the Equipment you Rent: Use Pinterest to find blogs on safe trailering and any tips on the equipment you rent.

Getting Settled

  • Tips for Effective Unpacking: Learn about the most efficient ways to unpack and get settled.
  • Tips for Using your Space Effectively: Moving into a small space can be difficult to determine how to organize your things.  Pinterest has great small space hacks!
  • How-To Clean your Old Space and Get your Deposit Back: Security deposits are often expensive and make it easier to move to the next place.  Find ways to make sure you can get your security deposit back.
  • Decorating: Once you are unpacked the fun begins!  It is time to decorate and Pinterest is the perfect place to find affordable, DIY projects.
  • Upcycling: Learn how to update old furniture and make it new, vintage or retro looking in this new trend.

Explore Your Surroundings

  • Pinterest can help you find things to do in your new town or city with amazing local pins.

Hope these tips help show how Pinterest can help you move and give you some great moving day tips.  To get great advice on moving, follow U-Haul on Pinterest!