Moving to College by Airplane

So, you’ve decided to go to a college that isn’t exactly close to home. Moving to college doesn’t have to be stressful. After all, this is going to be an exciting adventure! But how will you get all your stuff there? Read on for our tips for moving to college by airplane.

Packing Tips for Moving to College by Airplane

Before doing the real packing, start by creating a list. We suggest dividing your things into 3 categories:

Moving to College
  1. Ship– These are items that you don’ t need this summer but can be packed and shipped to campus for move-in day. They may include bulky sweaters, boots, shoes, printer, room décor, textbooks, etc. Pro Tip: Collegeboxes can ship you a kit of five boxes! All you have to do is pack up, ship to our storage facility and on move-in day your belongings will be delivered right to your dorm!
  2. Buy upon arrival– Don’t feel like you need to have everything purchased and ready before move-in day. Some items(like mirrors, bikes, etc) are not ideal for shipping or packing to bring on the airplane; it’s easier to purchase them at a local store near your new college campus.
  3. Pack for the airplane– This should include everything else that you’re not shipping or buying once you get there, such as clothing, toiletries, personal items, etc. Try to make this your smallest category to avoid paying for weight overages and extra bags at the airport.

Shipping Tips

As the #1 student storage and shipping provider in the country, Collegeboxes, powered by U-Haul, have you all taken care of when it comes to moving to college via their Ship to School service.

Here’s how it works: Students simply pack up their boxes (we recommend shipping in our double walled boxes with extra added protection) at any time over the summer. Then, Collegeboxes will ship them to a secure climate controlled storage facility near the college and deliver to their dorm room on the scheduled date. In other words, it’s moving to college made easy.

Storage Tips

Storage comes in handy in a couple of ways when you’re moving to the college by airplane. For example, if you bought your new futon for next year but can’t move it home, put it into storage. Storage is especially helpful to college students in between semesters. Remember that futon that you couldn’t move before school started? Well, you’ll need a place to store it in between semesters too!

Check out for all the details on summer storage for college students like yourself.

Whether you’re moving to the college by airplane for the first time as a freshman or for your senior year, Collegeboxes is here to make it easier. While you enjoy the summer break and begin the excitement of moving to college, you can be sure that move-in day will be easy when using Collegeboxes.

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