Eyewitness Accounts

Loretta Proctor

Loretta Proctor and her husband, Floyd, were Mac Brazel's nearest neighbors. Loretta was one of the first to see pieces of the wreckage Brazel had found. She claims to recall the evening when her son, Will, and Mac Brazel found the strange metal debris on the Foster Ranch and brought several pieces to their ranch at [classified].

Among the pieces Mrs. Proctor remembered in her account was a lightweight, tan piece that was smooth like plastic, but appeared more wood-like. The piece was roughly four inches long and similar to the width of a pencil. She said her husband and son tried to cut it with a knife and burn it with a match, but it wouldn't cut or burn. Loretta had never seen anything like it. She also recalled an aluminum foil-like piece that resumed its shape after it was crushed or bent, and a lightweight piece of metal inscribed with pinkish-violet glyphs.

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