Eyewitness Accounts

Glenn Dennis

Former mortician, Glenn Dennis, recalls receiving several phone calls from the Roswell AAF mortuary officer on July 7, 1947. The officer inquired about child-sized hermetically sealed caskets and asked detailed questions about the effect embalming fluid would have on the blood and tissue of bodies that had been exposed to the elements for several days.

Later, Dennis reportedly took a GI accident victim to the base infirmary, which was in the same building as the hospital and the mortuary. He escorted the injured GI inside, then drove around to the back to visit [classified][classified], a pretty young Army Air Force nurse with whom he had recently become acquainted.

Dennis claims Military Policemen were everywhere, but he managed to get by them and entered through the emergency area. He reported that the doors to several military ambulances were open, and he saw pieces of the wreckage in two of the ambulances. One of the pieces was purplish-blue and looked like the bottom half of a canoe. [classified][classified][classified][classified]. Dennis also reported seeing a row of unrecognizable symbols several inches high on the metal devices.

When he found his nurse-friend, she was frantic and very surprised to see him. She was concerned that he might be killed. Two Military Policemen apprehended Dennis, picked him up and carried him outside.

Dennis claims he spoke with the nurse the following day. He recalls her saying that there were three small alien bodies. Two of them were badly mangled, but one was in pretty good condition. The nurse described them as small and fragile with no hair and large heads. She said their noses did not protrude, their eyes were deep-set and their ears were tiny indentations with two ear canals and no ear lobes. The nurse also told Dennis that the creatures had four fingers with suction cups on the tips and no thumbs. On the back of a prescription pad, the nurse drew him a diagram of the alien being's arm, hand and head. He noticed [classified][classified] [classified][classified].

Apparently, Dennis never saw the nurse again. He was told she had been "shipped out" the same day he saw her last. A couple of months later, he received a typed letter from her. She said she was in England and asked how he was. Dennis wrote back, but the letter was returned and stamped, "Deceased."

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