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Jesse Marcel

Major Jesse Marcel is said to be one of the first two members of the military to visit the crash site.

Major Marcel claims the debris from crash site was strewn over a vast amount of area -- roughly three quarters of a mile long and several hundred feet wide. He believes that something had to have exploded above ground, traveling perhaps at a high speed, to cause the debris to scatter as it did. This theory was reinforced by [classified][classified] [classified].

Familiar with air activities, Marcel said he was certain that the fragments were not a part of a weather balloon, an airplane or a missile. It was simply something he had never seen before. According to Marcel, all of the debris was very lightweight and some of the fragments looked a lot like parchment, [classified]. There were also very thin pieces, which resembled the tinfoil in a pack of cigarettes, and many other pieces had pink and purple, unrecognizable symbols on them. He also claimed that the debris could not be broken, bent or burned.

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