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Roswell, N.M. is the city most closely associated with what is arguably the most well known and controversial UFO crash of all time: the 1947 Roswell Incident. Fact is, Roswell is synonymous with any discussion of UFOs. Ironically, the alleged alien crash sites are actually at least an hour's drive from Roswell (see map below). While there have been reports of as many as six different crash sites related to the Roswell Incident, the two accounts listed here are the most credible.

Highway sign

The Brazel Ranch debris site

Located 75 miles northwest of Roswell, near Corona, N.M., just off State Highway 247.

In 1947, Mac Brazel was a leaseholder of the J.B. Foster ranch, southeast of Corona, New Mexico, where he raised sheep and cattle. Brazel was among the first to discover debris from the alleged crash of an alien craft. Mac's friend and neighbor, Will Proctor, accompanied Mac to check on the livestock when they discovered odd pieces of metal and debris scattered all over the Foster Ranch. They found strange pieces of foil that couldn't be cut, burned, or wrinkled and thin "I"-beams with strange symbols on them.

Ragsdale impact site map

Route to Ragsdale impact site
  • Main St. (285), north to Pine Lodge Rd.(246)
  • West on Pine Lodge Rd.(246) for 51 miles to highway sign for Capitan and BoyScout Mountain
  • South on dirt road just past sign (drive slow as road can be rough and crosses private property through Lincoln National Forest)
  • Be prepared to turn south after passing highway sign.
  • Radio tower can be seen on your left before getting to Jeep trail intersection.
  • 4-wheel-drive vehicles or walking is required prior to reaching water line (about 1/4 mile down the dirt road), and to impact site.
  • About one mile down the dirt road is Ragsdale's campsite at the turnoff to an old mine.
  • Impact site is approximately 50-100 yards north of campsite.

The Ragsdale impact site

Located 55 miles west by northwest of Roswell, on the edge of the Capitan Mountains, a few miles south of State Highway 245 (also known as Pine Lodge Road).

On the weekend of July 4, 1947, Jim Ragsdale and a woman friend were camping in an area north Roswell. In his account, Ragsdale says he and the woman saw an object flash overhead and crash not far away. He says that upon seeking out the wreckage, they discovered a crashed saucer and, peering inside the craft with a flashlight, observed several small corpses. Ragsdale said he and the woman returned to the crash site in the morning to get a better look, but rushed away when they spotted a military convoy approaching.

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