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U-Box Delivery Options

Whether you use the container for moving or storage, we offer delivery methods that can work for your needs. We can deliver the container straight to your home or store it at a U-Haul store until you need to access it again.

U-Box Shipping to Alaska; fast and convenient

We Deliver – Let us bring the U-Box container to your door. Tell us where you’d like us to deliver the container and we bring it to you and pick up again when you’re done loading.

Self-Delivery – Pick up the container from a U-Haul store and take it back to your home to load.This makes it easy to pack the container on your schedule.When you’re done loading the container, bring it back to the U-Haul store for shipping or storage.

Access at U-Haul Location – Access the container at a U-Haul store near you. Load it up with your belongings and leave it there for shipping or storage.

Intra-Alaska Shipping

U-Box moving containers ship internationally Moving city-to-city in Alaska? U-Box moving containers provide you with the quickest and most affordable solution to transport your belongings to your new residence. U-Haul understands that moving within Alaska can be an exciting time, but may also bring some difficulties along the way. U-Box makes moving easier! U-Haul has kind and professional staff who will help you schedule your intra-Alaska move.

Because U-Box crates are made of pressure-treated wood, your belongings will be transported and delivered without a dewy residue upon unpacking. The high pressure-treated wood creates are designed to breathe and resist condensation build-up. If your U-Boxes arrive at your destination before you do, we will store our wooden moving crates in our climate-controlled storage facility to keep your belongings safe until you arrive.

U-Box is Perfect for Storage in the Winter Months

As you may already know, the winter months in Alaska can reach bone-chilling, sub-zero temperatures. Cities like Kodiak are prime locations for winter storage as fishing business peaks during in the summer months but is very slow during the winter months. What better way to store your fishing gear, equipment and all other miscellaneous fishing boat tools than in an easily accessible U-Box storage container? We can even store your U-Box at one of our climate-controlled storage facilities.

U-Box Moving Container Delivery Options

Since our U-Box moving containers are portable, we can deliver them nearly anywhere in Alaska. If you need the moving container to be delivered to a U-Haul location or to your new Alaskan residence, we can do that too. In addition to storage at a U-Haul facility, you have several delivery options:

  • self delivery method makes your move easy Self Delivery - Connect the U-Box trailer to your vehicle and tow your U-Box moving container rental to the location of your choice and take your time unloading. When you are done with the moving container rental, simply drive it back to the U-Haul center and drop it off. With self-delivery, you are in control and do everything on your own schedule, for a very low cost.
  • Let U-Box deliver your moving container to your door Trailer delivery to your front door - Don't have a vehicle that can tow a trailer? Front Door Delivery - If you don't have a vehicle that can tow a trailer, that's no problem! We can deliver up to two U-Boxes at a time for you to load at your convenience.
  • Deliver to a U-Haul location - We can deliver your U-Box moving container to a local U-Haul location where you can unload your belongings or in some locations, they can store your U-Box for a low monthly fee.
  • Moving Help Delivery - If you are moving to or within Anchorage, Fairbanks, Soldotna or Juneau, you can order moving helpers to help load and unload your U-Box. We are currently expanding this option and will have more helpers in more locations in the near future.
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